As promised, the fruit of:

Wild Strawberry - Tlachd-shùbh - Fragaria vesca

As you can see from the second photo "someone" has been nibbling the ripe fruit already.

The wild fruit are about ⅓ the size of commercially grown strawberries.

My post showing the Wild Strawberry flowers:

@fitheach Our wild strawberries are sparse, tiny and quite sweet.

How do you mean "sparse"?

Ours are also small and very sweet. I'm not going to be eating any, I'm leaving them for the animals.

@fitheach I mean few and far between in both senses. There aren't many in the small patches I come across and the patches are far apart.
Perhaps there are more inland. I never noticed them on the coast at all, so perhaps it's still too wet for them where I live.

The strawberries you have are probably Fragaria virginiana.

Our strawberries don't mind wet conditions. If they did they wouldn't be growing here. Ours also distribute themselves using runners, so it is quite common to find big patches of them growing together. This year the number of fruit per plant seems higher than normal.

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