Looking for suggestions...

I'm an Xfce (4.12) user and I'm looking for a new Desktop theme(s) for xfwm & GTK 2/3.

I've found a suitable one for xfwm called OneColor (see screenshot) but it doesn't have corresponding themes for GTK 2 & 3. Ideally I want:

* wider frame for easy grabbing
* different window focus colour
* simple min/max/close buttons

I know this is expecting a bit much, but if you don't ask you don't get. 😜

I thought I had my solution sussed, but no...

There are two Solarized themes, a light and a dark. They don't have an active/inactive title bar colour, so I was going to use the light theme, but with the title bar from the dark theme.

That worked, of course, but I found the theme slowed down my system. You read that right. A theme can slow down your system.

The search continues...

Tell you what, you sure can waste a lot of time with Desktop & window manager themes. Unless you can pick a theme (including icons) off-the-shelf, all the fiddling just eats up time.

I'm going to use Arc-Theme. It is quite old, but does provide theme elements for GTK2, GTK3 and xfwm4. It doesn't provide different colours for active/inactive, but again I can make my own by mixing/matching the light & dark variants of the theme.

I mentioned earlier that the use of some themes results in a slight system slowdown. Not a huge difference, just a hesitation that becomes annoying. My limited testing suggests the hesitation occurs with themes which use a lot of .xpm files. This is ironic as XPM is a format specifically designed for the X Window system. They are small text files which describe the colour to be used, a bit like a CSS declaration block.

The attached screenshot shows an example XPM file.

@fitheach I user mini curve; mostly because it's mini, but I see that it looks like b it's disappeared on newer versions.

Is it called "mini curve"? Not finding it online.

Thanks, but still not finding it. Lots of Blue Curve based themes. Is it maybe a micro version of those?

@fitheach I know you have your reasons, but one of the reasons I put up with a (much) heavier DE is that satisfying such desires for my friends and I are trivially accomplished through the searchable GUI for the desktop settings.
Mind you - it Needs to be searchable with so many options ;-)

I might end up having to create my own theme again. It seems I can choose any two of my priorities (sometimes only one) not all three.

Xfce look is useful but doesn't allow filtering of themes based on functionality. There are thousands of themes.

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