Flash Gordon (1980)

It is now 40 years since this cult classic was filmed, including the opening airfield scenes which were shot on the Isle of Skye.

There have been rumours of a remake for some years, but nothing definite yet.

This version of the 1930s comic strip is a lot of fun, and has a great soundtrack by Queen. A more in-depth review coming soon.

Thanks to @gedvondur for the reminder.

Flash, I love you! But we only have fourteen hours to save the Earth!

Classic line.
However, I'm always rooting for Flash & Princess Aura to get together. I don't know what Flash sees in Dale Arden.

@fitheach I cannot remember all the characters well enough, I just remember that line.

Trying to work out whether it would be fun or cringey to watch it again after all these years.

I don't want to spoil my future review, but it is GREAT!

Not to be taken seriously, and once that decision is made you can sit back and enjoy the experience.

@fitheach I'll await your review.

I often find it's hard to switch off from the the sexism when watching older films.

Erm, offhand I don't recall any sexism in FG. Don't, whatever you do, confuse it with Flesh Gordon, that is something completely different.

@fitheach @gedvondur
That's one of my favourite films. I took my wife on our first date to see it. I also have the sound track.

I could imagine it would make a very good first date movie, and as you proved it did.

I also have the soundtrack on CD. I have watched the film several times, but my memory of the film has been enhanced by listening to the soundtrack, which includes many snippets of film dialogue. I can enjoy the film in my head while listening to the CD.


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