Boris Johnson has a meeting with Nicola Sturgeon at Bute House. There is a large crowd outside to welcome him with some sustained booing.

Rather than face the Scottish public again, after the meeting, he leaves by the back door.

Boris seems to be missing a backbone.


, I'm loving it. The nickname of "Back Door Boris" is definitely here to stay.

Back Door Boris was booed as he arrived in Cardiff earlier today. There's a trend developing.

Whatever happened to the Boris Bounce?

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@fitheach Another country with a proud tradition of defying the occupant of #10 Downing.

Actually, Boris did have a bit of a bounce in Wales according to the latest polls. However, there are a lot of Welsh farmers *very* unhappy about the prospect of a no-deal Brexit. For example, 90%+ Welsh lamb is exported to the EU. A no-deal would be a disaster for those farmers.

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