I would guess that the sandwiches, and other items on the shelf, were being sold as takeaway food. If so it also suggests that the concept of having a sandwich, a packet of crisps, a chocolate bar and a drink already existed as a lunch option in 1972. I had assumed that the "lunch bundle" was a recent(ish) invention by supermarkets and fuel stations.

@fitheach I'm all for it. Modern sandwich shops where they make them all fresh have massive queues every lunchtime when most people just want a fairly standard sandwich.

This is the same thing as supermarkets do now, except they come enclosed in those plastic triangles.

@fitheach In a few years we will be back to 1972 packaging

@fitheach interestingly the prices (converted to 2019 amounts) aren't that much different..

Which calculator did you use?
The photo was from 1972. The prices likely increased dramtically the following year due to the oil crisis.

Thanks! I've been looking for a good inflation calculator.

I think some of the inflation calculators do a linear conversion of historic values which, for the sort of reason I gave earlier, isn't always appropriate.

@fitheach ah yes, let's go back to the good old days before health and safety regulations

Some people argue that our environment is too hygenic now. However, I know what you mean...

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