Can you guess the identity of these two celebrities of the past? At the time of the photograph they were both huge international stars.

Clue: neither of them were Scottish.

If you can put your guesses in a CW.

As some of you guessed the photo shows Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis. The photo was taken as part of the promotional activity for their shows at the Empire Theatre, Glasgow, in 1953.

Sticking a kilt on a celebrity seems to have been (and probably still is) a useful promotional gimmick. Similar kilted photos coming soon...

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A common expression to use in Scottish media circles is "to put a kilt on the story". Meaning to give an international story a Scottish angle, thus making it more interesting to the local readership. A technique used in most countries, probably.

I wonder if this expression and the kilted promotional gimmick are related in any way.

@fitheach That was always common in local radio - there are Ofcom minimum limits on the amount of local news you have to broadcast if you're a local radio station.

If there was nothing happening, it was commonplace to take a national fluff story, like a survey, and add the name of the place. "74% of people in Newcastle say their partner snores too much. That's according to a survey by Dreams Beds".

Ofcom put a stop to it by tightening the definition of what counts as "local news" recently.

Difficult to draw a demarcation line, I should think. Brexit might be a national story, for example, but it can always have local implications. Isn't is more of a probelm if a "news" story is actually a promotional campaign?

@fitheach I do notice it around the world, but particularly with scotland for some reason.

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