Hound Dog

You'll know the driver of this beach buggy, but you might not know his canine companion "Brutus", a hound dog if ever I saw one. Though TBF Brutus was a Great Dane, not a breed often associated with being a "hound".

Great photo, isn't it? Driver and hound both looking over their shoulders gives the static image plenty of "movement".

The song "Hound Dog" is one which is inextricably linked with Elvis Presley. However, "Hound Dog" was originally recorded, and was a big hit, by Willie Mae "Big Mama" Thornton in 1952.

The song was written by Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller, who, later in the decade, would specifically write songs for Elvis, including the hits: "Love Me", "Jailhouse Rock" & "King Creole".

So, here is the original by Big Mama:

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In comparison to the Big Mama version the one from Elvis is more up tempo. Whereas BM was Blues & Jazz, EP was all Rock 'n' Roll. Interesting though that Elvis is accompanied by guitar, drums and double bass.

The other thing to note is the Elvis attitude, particularly the gyrating hips which caused such outrage at the time. Elvis was only 21 when he performed "Hound Dog" in 1956. A tender age to break the mould.

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Leiber & Stoller, the co-authors of "Hound Dog", had this amusing exchange about the Elvis hit.

Leiber: "We got a smash hit on Hound Dog,"

Stoller said, "Big Mama's record?"

And Leiber replied: '"No. Some white guy named Elvis Presley."

Stoller added: "And I heard the record and I was disappointed. It just sounded terribly nervous, too fast, too white. But you know, after it sold seven or eight million records it started to sound better."

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Did you know Elvis Presley was Scottish?

Well, that's a story for another day.

@fitheach I wouldn't be surprised. I'm a Presley on my father's side, and Scots favored settling in the Appalachians, familiar with the hard-scrabble farming conditions. After all, Scotland and Appalachia used to be the same mountain range, millions of years ago.

We haven't found a connection to the Mississippi Presleys. So, it appears that the King and I are not blood relatives.

I look forward to your story of Elvis' Scottish streak.
@fitheach I sound nothing like Elvis, but I can carry a tune. Sadly, I don't have the moves.

That's a lot more than I can do. I couldn't sing to save myself.

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