I visited the UK Parliament website (parliament.uk), where I noticed a section called "Virtual tours of Parliament". Underneath there were two links:

* Take the tour
* Download Flash

Gosh, how quaint!

@fitheach Fitheach: The link you posted is inaccessible from some users.
Please do consider find alternative webpage so other mastodon readers can read the webpage


Cloudflare domain: www.parliament.uk
Why: codeberg.org/themusicgod1/clou

@cloudflarelink @fitheach

is it possible to know this page might be inaccessible?

I don't want to be posting links people can't see.

wget -S
I can see that Cloudflare may indeed be serving the content for the UK Parliament website. However, I can't see myself doing this check *every* time prior to posting a link.


@fitheach @cloudflarelink

No me neither.

TBH I encounter dozens of links on here which go to US sites with dark pattern 'authorisation' screens to give site permission to spy on me despite GDPR. They are often won't allow me to view the page unless I 'agree'.

These are effectively inaccesible to me. US citizens don't see this.


I see that as well, sometimes. Although, I can usually guess beforehand that it will happen. Media websites such as those for TV stations and newspapers are the worst. The domains used are usually visible to me through using uMatrix.

The parliament website is a bit different. There was only one domain, but that domain was being served by Cloudflare. That is only visible by reading the server responses. Even then that could easily be obscured.



I have also often seen Fediverse instances using Clodflare as a CDN. That is a bit more difficult to avoid, unless you suppress media loading.


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