If you happen to have a 'smart' voice assistant appliance in your house, (they're getting harder to avoid these days, especially if you want say wireless multiroom audio), one thing I recommend you do is configure your router's firewall to refuse forwarding any traffic with the source MAC address of the voice enabled appliance from your lan to wan, (outside internet), that way you don't have to trust the vendor not to record 24/7 - you can just enable/disable the firewall rule as needed.

I don't have an assistant, and won't be getting one. Interested in the technology though.

Don't these devices require Internet access to answer some of the questions? A firewall rule blocking them would then defeat the purpose.

@fitheach Things like Sonos are useful without the built-in voice assistant, yet they have one. There's air purifiers now that come with Alexa. It's everywhere. And at least for OpenWrt you can easily toggle it on/off in the web UI or via a script, so have it disabled when you're deliberately using it, but enable afterwards.

Sonos? The smart speakers? I kind have that already as I have a radio transmitter which I connect to my laptop. I can then listen to my own broadcast anywhere in the house (or even outside). 😉

Except for the assistant part most of these things are buildable at home.

@fitheach A FM transmitter is a neat way to do it. #PulseAudio is also an option with some setup & likely the way I'll end up setting it up in the future.

Years ago I used to have an Icecast server, but I found it wasn't that flexible a solution, for me. Any place I wanted music I had to have a computing device of some sort. The FM transmitter is very flexible. Any place I want music I only need an FM receiver. So, for example, in my shed I have an old battered portable radio. If I still want to control playback etc., I use VLC in a terminal from a tablet.


Forgot to mention FM transmitters are cheap as chips. Many under £10 in the UK.

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