The Westminster Parliament continued into the wee small hours, last night, long after I went to bed. By all accounts I missed some *excellent* political theatre.

I do know that BoJo didn't get his ⅔rds majority, so no General Election in October.

My message to BoJo: "Now is not the time". 😃

At least BoJo has a 100% track record.

He has lost every one of the six votes as Prime Minister. This must surely be a record.

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@fitheach I think a lot of people are revelling in won battles despite a very poor prognosis on the Brexit "war"

Also agree. It's as if the Westminster politicians somehow believe that everything is under their control, an Empire attitude. The reality is that another 27 countries have to agree, unanimously.

Also, BoJo just needs to find some sleight of hand to avoid the extension request and time will have run out.


Some witty chap on Twitter was saying:

Boris Johnson has now lost 4 of his first 4 votes, breaking the previous record held by Boris Johnson...

Boris Johnson has now lost 5 of his first 5 votes, breaking the previous record of Boris Johnson... (Etc)

I still hope he will be ejected as prime minister and break the previous record for shortest tenure, which is 119 days.

It all depends on whether there is a Brexit by October 31 AND if there is an election this year.

Of course, there is also the *possibility* of impeachment. That would be exciting, I've never seen an impeachment up-close before.


An impeachment? In the UK of all places?

What fresh new hell is that? (Serious question: I have never heard of that in a UK context)

If Boris Johnson is impeached, expect the EU to just give up and kick everyone out, with extreme prejudice, for sheer ridiculousness.

@fitheach At least May must be sleeping better - no one will bother to remember the second most unpopular failed PM. She'll just faaaaade into the mists of time.

Here's the thing though, Boris Johnson could still turn things around. If the UK does exit on October 31st, with or without a deal, and there is an election in November, he could win with a majority. He would then be fêted as a hero by those in the Tory party.

I'm not saying this would be a good result for the UK, but it could happen.

Odio bojo. So much that I forget that many actually like him! :-(
The same ones that like trump, la pen, farage... I suppose.

@fitheach friend of mine went up to the Commons public gallery last night. I should probably see what time he got home!

Employee arrives at work looking groggy & tired. The boss asks "Out on the booze, again?" "Nah, up late watching the rammy in the House of Commons" says the employee.

@fitheach I just caught a bit of video with mp's singing a welsh carol. I think the scots and labour sang as well.
It's very early my time and I haven't caught up yet.

That's about right. The SNP MPs were singing "Scots Wha Hae" at one point. Someone said they also sang "Flower of Scotland", but I haven't seen that footage. I don't know what the Welsh were singing.

There's nothing quite like the old standards.

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