Is the EU trolling the UK?

The EU have nominated their new Trade Commissioner, it's Phil Hogan, from *Ireland*. Mr. Hogan will be responsible for negotiating any future trade deals between the EU and the UK (assuming Brexit happens).

Regarding future negotiations he re-iterated to-day the EU stance that nothing can proceed until the UK accepts the obligations in the Withdrawal Agreement.

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@fitheach I’d say the UK - or specifically, England- had it coming. To be in this situation two months before the exit date is ridiculous and there’s no love lost about any of this in the EU at this point.

I should think most in the EU (Parliament, Commission, Council & Citizens) are probably heartily sick of the UK. The word Brexit is probably a huge turnoff.

@fitheach A lot of EU politicians are also getting an earful from their voters about focusing solely on Brexit when there are so many other problems.

The UK has done itself no favors with how all of this sounds to the rest of the EU population. I wouldn't expect any "deals" for a while.

I know the high profile EU leaders make lots of Brexit pronuncements, but are the thousands of people working for the EU not busy doing other stuff? The media might be giving people the wrong impression.

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