The Court of Session Appeal Court has agreed with the petitioners. All three judges in the appeal court have stated that the prorogation of the Westminster Parliament is unlawful & unconstitutional.


There is no interdict (temporary stop to the action) as the case was already known to be going (final appeal) to the Supreme Court on Tuesday 17th.

BoJo is not out (yet), but he is reeling, on the canvas, and the referee has started the count.

Congratulations to Joanna Cherry (and others) for another famous victory. First victory was confirmation that Article 50 could be unilaterally revoked. Now, prorogation of parliament is judged to be unlawful.

Fingers crossed that the Supreme Court agrees.

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I'm thinking Joanna Cherry QC MP was pleased with to-day's result.

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This thread was meant to be a continuation of my original post about the Cherry Case at The Court of Session:

In my excitement, I made a new post rather than a reply. 🙄

You'll not have been the only excited person after hearing that news.
It put a smile on my face.

I'm not sure it will change much, about the Brexit situation, but it is an extraordinary development that the UK government has acted unlawfully.

TBH I've always been unhappy about the position of the Supreme Court, bu that is a fight for another day.

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