The BBC are reporting that police in the Highlands have arrested a 77 year old man in connection with the disappearance of Renee & Andrew MacRae in 1976.

The disappearance of Renee, and her 3 year old son Andrew, is one of the longest-running and most notorious missing persons cases in Scotland.

The police are conducting an extensive search at Leanach Quarry, near Inverness.

@fitheach Oooooooo, intrigue! *rolls fingertips together*

The BBC are now reporting that Renee MacRae's former lover, MacDowell, has been charged with the murder of the mother and son. People have speculated, ever since 1976, that he was responsible, but he was never charged. I wonder what has changed, what new evidence has been discovered? Did the police find something at the quarry?

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