Here's some irony for you.

The very same government MPs who were quite happy for GCHQ, MI5 & MI6 to read and store all our electronic communications have been fighting tooth and nail to prevent their no-deal & prorogation discussions from being disclosed.

However, they lost the vote in the Westminster Parliament and will now have to open up all their WhatsApp, Telegram, Signal, FB messenger and email accounts.

The biter bit.


The UK government is now saying it WON'T publish the communications, contrary to what parliament demanded, because it is:

"unprecedented, inappropriate and disproportionate...To name individuals without any regard to their rights or the consequences goes beyond any reasonable right of parliament."

Wait a minute... what happened to: "If you've done nothing wrong, you've got nothing to hide".


Related: the Yellowhammer document, as now released, has a section redacted. The redecated section is almost certainly the one shown in the leaked version.

So, the government are worried about the UK population knowing about fuel shortages, strikes and job layoffs after Brexit.

Sunlit uplands.

@fitheach Could you please send a link to the document text?

@fitheach What you have is a reworded version of what was leaked to a journalist in August. She posted her copy of the paragraph on Twitter

Indeed. However, the leaked copy has 91 words and the redacted is 90 words. It also follows the paragraph on fuel shortages. Seems a good fit.

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