The Court of Session Appeal Court has agreed with the petitioners. All three judges in the appeal court have stated that the prorogation of the Westminster Parliament is unlawful & unconstitutional.


There is no interdict (temporary stop to the action) as the case was already known to be going (final appeal) to the Supreme Court on Tuesday 17th.

BoJo is not out (yet), but he is reeling, on the canvas, and the referee has started the count.

Congratulations to Joanna Cherry (and others) for another famous victory. First victory was confirmation that Article 50 could be unilaterally revoked. Now, prorogation of parliament is judged to be unlawful.

Fingers crossed that the Supreme Court agrees.

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I'm thinking Joanna Cherry QC MP was pleased with to-day's result.

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Unlikely looking heroes (is it the wigs?), but proclaimed as heroes nonetheless.

"Heroes of the people"

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A "House of Cards" reference from The Herald for Thursday, September 12

UK's political meltdown -
The house of cards starts to collapse

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The Herald and The Scotsman are both Unionist papers, so it is quite extraordinary to see them making such pointed remarks about a UK government.

We are coming to the end of times.

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The 17th?
The final appeal* is heard at the Supreme Court.

* I say the final appeal because I am assuming the Boris Johnson government wouldn't appeal to the European Court of Justice. 😃

@fitheach yes, I've meant the 17th and the appeal. Say that the court still finds the move illegal. What then?


That'll be most interesting. BoJo will then have been in breach of the Court of Session Appeal decision, which may be impeachable. If so, then he couldn't be PM or MP and possibly go to prison. Cool, eh?

Regardless, if the Supreme Court also find that it was unlawful, then parliament must be reconvened. May not stop Brexit, but the government will look really stupid.

[Other legal opinions are available. 😃 ]

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Well at least something should come out of it. Otherwise the message is that they (the governments) can just do whatever they please.

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