I get hundreds of millions of dollars every year by legitimising surveillance capitalists and enabling them to violate your privacy by default. (I wouldn’t exist without them.) Please trust me on privacy.

Why are you all looking at me like that?

OK, OK, you can stop glaring: I’m Mozilla, y’all love me. 💕

@aral So if you don't like Mozilla or Google, that leaves the one major browser engine you'd approve of being Apple's WebKit? I hope you can see why I say we need a Small Tech browser engine?

And from studying the current state of play, such an engine cannot afford the complexity of an efficient JavaScript engine nor it's extensive APIs.

@gemlog @aral And Apple's not the only one actively developing it. There's also Igalia, and I don't know who else.

@alcinnz @aral I wish more time was going into konqueror. It was what I used to use until FF came along.
So nice having your web browser also be your file manager that could also handle ftp and ssh. Plus those lovely splittable windows.
I know dolphin can handle most of that except the browsing.
Actually, all the kde stuff like kate, kwrite, dolphin w/e uses kio slaves to handle file, fish, ftp and so on.

What about the *nix philosophy of:
"Do One Thing, And Do It Well"?

I'm with you on the splittable windows for file managers, specifically for copying/moving files between windows.

@alcinnz @aral

@fitheach @alcinnz @aral 'Moving and viewing files' over multiple protocols IS doing one thing well.
Confining that use to a single protocol means needing Multiple apps; as many as one for each protocol.
Dolphin does exactly this, so you win there (no web).
I enjoyed having the other protocols there as well though. Sometimes, i still do.


I was meaning a browser also being a (kind of) file manager.

@alcinnz @aral

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@fitheach @alcinnz @aral I guess konqueror was/is really it's own thing.
Today I replace it with Dolphin+browser on the desktop and still mc+lynx in the shell as mc can handle file, ftp and ssh.

It's a while since I looked at Dolphin, but ti struck me as a mighty fine file manager.

The file manager/browser mash-up: didn't it start way-back when browsers were viewing the Desktop as if it was a webpage? I certainly remember the GNOME browser doing that (Galeon?). MS Windows did that for a while, too. Horrible idea.

@alcinnz @aral

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