Mural on Lothian Road, Edinburgh, depicting Boris Johnson, Kim Jung-un & Donald Trump as babies.

The mural is "signed" by The Rebel Bear.


The depictions of Kim Jung-un with the toy missile and Trump with a Lego wall have clear political references, for me.

Can anyone explain why Boris Johnson is playing with, what looks like, a box of crayons?

@fitheach truly, mural of the three idiots of our times – surely we could always have named three individuals that represented human idiocy, and it’s never these people alone that are responsible for the mess we are in – and perhaps painting them on a mural is a way of externalizing the guilt of those that supported them, I don’t know. But at other times all we want to do is point our fingers and have a laugh, at them, and the people that still support them. Gaaaaaah!

As with any art what the artist meant convey and what viewers take from it may be entirely different things. That is as it should be.

For me, this mural is about holding power to account through satire. About countering mainstream media narratives, although, to be fair, those three don't get much positive press in Scotland. Some can affect change through speeches, some through delivering leaflets, others still use art.


I would imagine he doesn't have a full set.

Along the lines of "one sandwich short of a picnic" or "not the brightest bulb in the box"?

That might be it. Although, having watched that interview several times (sad, I know) he said he made model busses and painted them.



Yes, "not colouring with a full set of crayons" has always been my favourite euphemism for deficiency,

@fitheach I thought he was eating one of the crayons, but that's just his finger

He also has one of the crayons stuck in his left ear. Again, the reference is lost on me.

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