I'm starting to believe there is some truth in the theory that PM Johnson is saying increasingly bizarre things to crowd-out headlines that are critical of his premiership.

@fitheach I honestly think that algorithms are the microplastics of public discourse.

@fitheach What Blo Job is trying to do, no doubt advised by (s)Cummings, is fiddle search engine algorithms.

I personally think they're more trouble than they're worth, and can easily be subverted. (Look at Cambridge Analytica and Brexit.) This new age of AI is a bit shite, frankly.

That would suggest some close co-operation between No. 10 & The Mail, entirely possible, of course. The Mail is one of the hot web "properties", so is ideal for skewing web searches.

Another theory is that he is choosing keywords like "bridge" or "bus" so that new headlines obscure his past policy failures like the Garden Bridge or his message on the side of a bus. Not sure "Incredible Hulk" fits with that theory. 😃

@fitheach Well, if a comics fan looks up the Hulk, they will get Blo Job as one of the results; he's still trying to maintain his bumbling oaf persona. Even now, it's all about the brand and a kind of guerilla marketing.

@fitheach He can do that! That's our leader's strategy.

@fitheach yup it's more cardboard-bus-ism (his bizarre modelling hobby specifically designed to fill google results instead of the brexit bus falsehoods)

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