Coming soon...

Free, online course from Duolingo,
for Scottish Gaelic.

@fitheach I started their Irish and their Welsh courses once. Don't have a smartphone now and haven't done it in a while but they are always good, and this is great news.

Doesn't have to be a smartphone, most Javascript enabled browsers should work. My OH is doing a course, and she uses Firefox, seems to work fine.

@fitheach Yes sorry I wasn't very clear. My habits on a computer tend to be different from on a smart phone - I write and code or feel unproductive. I have used Duolingo occasionally just with Firefox on my laptop and it's fine, but doesn't sit with my workflow. Mainly, also, I'm bogged down in Czech for the most part and put my learning into that or, sadly, into languages which may be more pragmatic if I need to move within Europe, so, French and German consistently rank higher :(

Sure, people who want to try the Scottish Gaelic Duolingo course will do so because they *want* to, likely not for some imperative.

I was only commenting on your technical issue. My Internet usage patterns are different from most. My laptop is on from early morning until I go to bed. I have tabs open all day for the services I use. I then dip in and out of these services during the day. If I'm out, I'm doing other non-computing things.

My smartphone gets used for photos, SMS, calls and nothing else. Consequently, I have a different view about computing needs and preferences. Perhaps coincidently, my OH has identical computer use patterns.

I do recognise the other, and likely more common, usage of the Internet via smartphones.

@fitheach Yeah I get it and I want to find time for an engagement with language I once found in North Wales where I lived for a while, and with my heritage, which is from the West of Ireland. Right now I am sussing out how I still feel in Prague so it gets trumped for now. Scottish would likely not make it into that for now simply on the basis I haven't ever lived in that beautiful country and it would feel forced, but I am stoked that it has come on stream now before an independence referendum.

@fitheach I'm ADHD so I need plenty of firewalls between me and t'internet. Most people here will have the executive function to do it better than me, and then, living where you do and having the lifestyle you do gives you a balance I currently lack - though I'll be working on a vineyard in Moravia in a few days' time and that ain't this.

I hope you come back and tell us all about working in the vineyard in Moravia. That sounds super interesting. Some photos would be excellent, too.

@fitheach Yeah, been working on a flask application in a manner I dub "ADHD-led Development With Python". Putting stuff up there slowly, tweaking it, but my turnaround is months rather than weeks or days - I process and write long and, as William Gibson puts it, writing blog posts, toots & tweets is like leaving the lid off the kettle when it's boiling. I have by now drank the first wine I've been partly responsible for, and return for bottling, stickering up etc. It's my father-in-law's place.

@fitheach Few photos yet as I tend to be getting stuck in putting up concrete posts, passing hundreds of litres of grapes through a sluice with a bucket etc. There's typically little time, but it's all coming together slowly. There's a wine cellar too - a big one - but it's a money pit and it's slowed up for the moment.. No grapes this year; we replanted last year.

Ah, you're there already. How are the bones and muscles, any aches and pains? It sounds like hard work.

@fitheach That was last year at various points. I go every few months. I was teaching and doing it in addition. Now I'm between things and go when there's work but it's very seasonal and there's nowhere to live there at the minute.

Writing blog posts, and Toots for that matter, is still a creative process, which is miles better than just consuming other people's content. Whether it keeps you from doing "more important work" only you can decide. Writing is still worthy.

@fitheach Absolutely, though it's a temperamental thing rather than an aesthetic judgement. My process is glacial but that what makes sense to me. Two photos so far. Neither with me in them :D Yer man sat with the fag: gaffer.

Typical gaffer posture 😃

Lots of questions, but I'll limit myself to this one: what is the isolated chimney for?

@fitheach Yep. Typical gaffer :D Feel free to ask. So, the dimensions above the ground with the orange building in the background, are very small compared to the dimensions below ground. The wine cellar is big, maybe four squash courts-worth of floor space, in an L. The long side extends from the left of the rear building to where gaffer is sitting. The chimney, then, is for the decent 1970s-ish wood burning stove. It's all 70s ish at the minute, very "Normalisation"-era Czechoslovakia.

@fitheach The guy who built it, who gaffer bought it off (though he still works there to the ire of mum-in-law), is a died-in-the-wool communist. He made shitty wine for Praguers, and sees no reason to change. Chuck sugar in, chop chop. Sell on. He had coaches full of folk turn up for years. The neighbours hate him... Then on comes the new Praguer, a hotel manager with his new ideas. As a microcosm it's priceless, though sometimes too much.

@fitheach They've done some work on a website while I was away, but it's all in Czech.

Looks great.
Passed it through a website translator, it was all very clear when it came out the other side. 😃

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