In response to all the criticism about the reduced sugar version of Irn Bru, the soft drinks maker, AG Barr, are going to launch an original recipe version.

Irn Bru 1901 will be made using the original recipe, which, amazingly, has even more sugar than the recently discontinued version.

Dentists across the country will be bracing themselves for an influx of new business.

As an aside, it caused much confusion and/or merriment in Scotland when William Barr was appointed AG (Attorney General) in the USA. People in Scotland wondered why the makers of Irn Bru, AG Barr, were involved in US politics all the time. 😃

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@fitheach Only in Scotland, eh? I live not very far south of the border, and it's like a different world up there in terms of attitudes to diet and health 😬

I know Scotland has a reputation for unhealthy eating, with deep-fried Mars bars being the signature dish. However, I think there are few differences between Scotland and England. For instance, I've not noted a great disparity in the offerings in Scottish and English supermarkets, where most people will buy their food.

I don't consume any sweetened drinks, and I've never had a deep 😃 fried Mars bar.

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