Where does one get access to a CD database?

I have abcde configured to use freedb.org as described here:
that is supposed to allocate a random mirror.

However, it always sends me to Musicbrainz, which tells me their v1 API has closed:

Anyone got a scoobie?

Reverted back to cddb instead of MusicBrainz, and things are working again.

Perhaps newer versions of abcde work with the new MusicBrainz API. Dunno!

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You could fire up a load balancer to rotate between known good CD databases instances if HA is your concern.

The advent of things like Spotify and Apple Music have lessened the need for old school database like that.

Freedb is supposed automatically allocate a mirror, but for some reason it was automatically going to MusicBrainz every time. I switched the config to cddb only, and now it is working.

I haven't done any ripping for more than a year, so my config may be out of date. I find you can waste days on resolving (sic) these kind of problems. I was just lucky this time.


Preach it. If I had a dollar for every random rabbit hole a project led me down I’d have a much higher class of hoodies in my closet.

Glad you got it working. Maybe there’s a weekend project in there? Building a reliable CD database thing people can hit?

Just spitballin’


It always used to be relaible, for me anyway. So much so, I even wrote about it:


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