The Herald newspaper have published results of a survey of their readers, and it must be choking them. 😃

Some highlights:

If there was a second Scottish independence referendum
Yes 66%
No 34%

Westminster voting intentions
SNP 58%
Conservative 15%
LibDem 13%
Labour 7%

If there was a second EU referendum
Remain 85%
Leave 14%

Note: undecideds removed & rounded to whole numbers.

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@fitheach Wow, Go Scotland!!! You got a link to that? 👍

@fitheach Cheers.....I thought it was a real poll...didn't read it properly!!

It is still interesting. The SNP VI is about 10 points higher than what the best polls are showing. The figures for Yes & Remain are much higher, which I don't understand.

@fitheach wouldn't an independent Scotland have to apply for EU membership in its own right (and likely be denied)?

You're kiddin', right? Scotland would get the EU red carpet treatment, to stick it up to the rUK if for no other reason.

@fitheach Buy land near Rosyth.

Being somebody who doesn't buy newspapers, which way does the Herald lean anyway, pro or anti? I.e., how much selection bias is there here?

I perceive the Herald to be anti-independence and anti-SNP. They seem to oscillate between pro-Conservative and pro Labour/LibDem depending on who they want to promote that week.

Is the "buy land near Rosyth" a subliminal advertising message?

@fitheach Wikipedia says the Herald backed No but said: "The Herald's view: we back staying within UK, but only if there's more far-reaching further devolution." So a move towards Yes wouldn't be terribly inconsistent, but good to know they're not already highly Yes anyway.

Re Rosyth: just thinking an independent Scotland joining or in the EU would presumably expand its ferry links to the continent pretty quickly.

The "more devolution" thing is a statement to make them seem reasonable, and just like Gordon Brown's promises they never come to anything. Their news reporting and articles are stridently anti-Yes. Though the Herald probably isn't as bad as The Scotsman.

There are some current Rosyth ferry plans:

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