I was buying some car parts online, from a supplier with whom I have an account. I noticed my email adress was outdated. I couldn't see how to change it through the web interface. I contacted customer support by 'phone.

I was told it wasn't possible, I had to delete my account, and create a new one. Presumably, they are using email as the unique ID.

Hello, it's 2019!

@fitheach Changed my email a couple of years ago. The process from some online shops was interesting... including one making me write to them by post.

Having to write to them by post is bad enough, but not being able to change the registered email address at all is bonkers. It must be very common for people to change their email address, and a competent ecommerce system should cope with that requirement.

@fitheach I had to do this with a vendor of vaping supplies as I had signed up with a .eu address that I am unsure will be available next year - they did respond really quickly and transferred my loyalty points (its maybe an indictment on society that a supplier of something which is essentially a vice *consistently* gives the best customer service of many vendors I deal with routinely..)

The company I bought from have a good selection of products, with good prices and their service is top notch. It is just their ecommerce system is rubbish.

I *also* had to spend 10 minutes searching for the go-to-checkout button. I eventually discovered that there wasn't a checkout button, you had to press the trolley icon, and then press "view basket". Yeah, obvious. 🙄

@fitheach might be the exact same (or similar) system to the one the vape shop uses (although a number appears by the trolley if you have anything in the basket, as a marker to encourage you to click there)

The UI of this site is terrible. It has a green button at the top of the page with a trolley icon, and the number of items in your trolley. That's fine. Pressing that button produces an overlay with details of the trolley items AND a button at the bottom that states "View basket". Pressing "View basket" takes you to the checkout. How dumb is that?

@fitheach that seems bizzare, although I've noticed a lot of websites which seem to have started off as physical stores (or are linked to them) and the e-commerce bit is clearly added as an afterthought, and others where the UI appears to have started off in a different language and been hastily translated into English..

That was what I was meaning about it being 2019. There is no excuse for having such poor UIs now.

Mixing up trolley and basket isn't great, but getting the checkout button wrong is unforgivable.

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