Posting this photo for three reasons:

* it is a great photo
* amazing personal bravery
* Sanjay Hegde

August Landmesser
Blohm+Voss shipyard
Hamburg, Germany, 1936.


I like those headlines and ledes, didn't dig deeper yet. I'm guessing he (?) gets in dangerous trouble for advocating rule of law, due process and equality before the law?

@clacke surely Titter and other responsible social media platforms would only suspend someone for being an actual fascist, planning violence. I mean, there's no way normalizing that could lead to creeping censorship of people whose free speech leftists approve of. Any suggesting that is clearly an alarmist ... </sarcasm>

Feeling the #CassandraComplex hard today ...

Did you see the other post I Boosted? It gives a good explanation.

I wonder how Twitter's algorithms can possibly handle images. Even if that were possible, people might post an image to praise or criticise. The algorithms won't be able to make that judgement. The algorithms, or anyone else, shouldn't be making those decisions.

@fitheach Another post I read today noted it was the anniversary of the attempt to blow up hitler today.

@gemlog @fitheach

A while back I saw a doku on KTV about the building of the Sühnekirche in Wigratzbad, Bayern in early 1970s and how it was inspired by a young lass who in 1930s refused to say "Heil Hitler!" instead of "Gruß Gott!".

She survived *multiple* attempts on her life, there were visions of both the Virgin Mary /and/ an "unusual young man of non-local appearance, riding a bicycle" ;after the war was over she requested that a chapel was built (which it was) >>

@gemlog @fitheach

however by the late 1960s the area had become a popular pilgrimage destination and the existing small brick chapel was insufficient for the number of worshippers; thus the Sühnekirche was built.

Alas, the doku hasn't yet been repeated but a lot of what the Pfarrer who narrated it said does match up with info recorded elsewhere (it turns out the chapel was built *during* the war and later even survived 180 grenades being launched nearby!)

Yup, so it is! There were many attempts to assassinate Hitler:

The most famous one (probably) was the July 20, 1944 attempt, which was made into a great film:

@fitheach @gemlog The November 8th one was apparently in theürgerb… where Hitler had come to celebrate the Beer Hall Putsch, which took place in the same place on that day 16 years earlier and led to him going to prison and writing his book.

"Elser [the bomber] was apprehended by two border guards, 25 metres from the Swiss border fence in Konstanz. When taken to the border control post and asked to empty his pockets he was found to be carrying wire cutters, numerous notes and sketches pertaining to explosive devices, firing pins and a blank colour postcard of the interior of the Bürgerbräukeller."

That was dumb!


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