So, Laura Kuenssberg, Robert Peston, Theo Usherwood & Paul Brand all reported an unverified story that Labour had organised a fifty strong mob to descend on Matt Hancock, at Leeds General Hospital, and that his aide was punched.

Only, it wasn't true. The fabrication came from unnamed Tory sources.

A prime example of the mainstream media as an adjunct to the Tory press office.

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The Tories were desperate to divert media attention from the story about a 4 year old boy with pneumonia, left on the floor of a hospital, with coats for bedding, because there were no beds available. This story was real.

Kuenssberg, Peston, Usherwood & Brand were only to willing to assist. In their rush to report first, they didn't perform *basic* journalistic checks. Fake news personified.

Scotland would like to welcome the rest of the UK to a world we have been inhabiting since, at least, 2012.

Here is an example involving another one of the BBC's "star" reporters, Nick Robinson, when he blatantly lied about Alex Salmond failing to answer a question about RBS:

For further information on the four-year old boy forced to lie on the hospital floor, see this report from The Independent:

The report also shows the photo that Boris Johnson refused to look at when confronted by a local newspaper reporter.

Is there one story in particular, or the topics in general?

@fitheach Just generally. I like his analysis very much, critical but with the emotion dialled down.

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