Caisteal an Stalcaire,
Loch Laich (Loch Linnhe)

Credit: David Kendal

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I'd never thought of taking it from that side. However, it probably only works because of the snow, it might be a bit dull otherwise. I wonder if this photo was taken from a boat, as there is a long stretch of water, to the castle, from this side.

I've taken many shots of the castle from the nearest shore (anti-clockwise 90° from the position of this photo).

BTW your avatar hasn't been showing on either my Home timeline or the Notifications timeline, for a couple of days now.

What about now? Temporarily swapped out to an icon. Smaller file size, different file type.

Interesting. What about now? Back with a smaller version of the photo.

Also working. Maybe by changing avatar, you forced a cache update.

Who knows. I tweaked the file and used the mobile app, so too many variables 🤷‍♂️
But as long as it worked 😀

I was pleased with my photo, as you don't often get such a still evening. The wind usually blows up Loch Linnhe, from the south-west.


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