A calamity of biblical proportions hits Fife, as a 10 tonne load of Brussels Sprouts tips over in Rosyth.

Will we still have enough sprouts for Christmas? Should we panic buy now, in case of a shortage? Did the onlookers stuff their pockets with the precious vegetables? These, and other questions need answering.


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@fitheach has that taken out a speed camera or just the sign?

Probably just the warning sign.

Without any further info I'd assume the tractor and trailer tried to take the roundabout too fast, and toppled over. So, taking out the speed camera sign would be ironic.

An eyewitness said the trailer clipped the kerb, which led to it toppling. I still think excess speed was involved.

Photos in the article show them shovelling sprouts into boxes. Will they still sell them?

@fitheach it does make me think of 'the abominable Dr. Phibes' - a very odd horror film that included one murder performed with the help of sprout juice.

Did you mention this film before?
Somebody did, I've not seen it, but the unusual murders theme is familiar.

10 tonnes of sprouts would be enough to poison the whole town of Rosyth, I should think.

@fitheach not sure, I might have; it is a particularly odd film

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