Two photos from the Christmas Day

Unseasonably warm weather recently, although it was about 2°C when I took the photos. The mist everywhere gave the scene a romantic look, but it depresses colours and softens outlines.

What do you think is best, landscape or portrait format?


At the end of the we encountered this fascinating navigable aqueduct.

The two left-most arches allow a river to pass underneath the aqueduct, and the third arch allows access for pedestrians & small vehicles. The Caledonian Canal passes above the aqueduct, but is out of sight at this level.

, the Scottie dog, was a bit wary when he went through the tunnel at first. The second time, he went through like a pro.

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Aqueduct is the correct spelling, not aquaduct, even though the root of the first part is aqua. It comes from the Latin word "aquaeductus", meaning "conveyance of water". Perhaps, the English spelling came via the French word "aqueduc".

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