One of the very sad things that happened in 2019 was the loss of our friends' Scottish Terrier, Hitchcock. As well as being a beloved family member, Hitchcock was the first Scottie to compete, and win, at European & World level Dog Agility competitions. You can see videos of Hitchcock competing at the link below.

One of Hitchcock's many online fans was so moved by his death that she created this lovely painting.


Hitchcock and only met once. So, we will never know if they could have become great friends (both male dogs). They went on a long walk together with their humans and Hitchcock's brothers & sisters. All the dogs got on well, but were initially kept on leash, just in case.

The attached photo shows the difference in size between Neachdainn and Hitchcock. Hitchcock was nearer to the average Scottie size, whereas Neachdainn is double the size at 16Kg.

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The other famous Hitchcock was also a terrier lover, but not , it would seem.

I've come across lots of online references about Alfred Hitchcock having a pair of Sealyham Terriers, and a few mentions of him having a Westie. One of Hitchcock's Sealyham Terriers was seen in his 1941 movie Suspicion, and the director is seen walking two of these dogs in a cameo appearance in The Birds (1963).

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