So, that's it, it is all over. Twenty three years of my life down the stank, that's most of my adult life. My ex-girlfriend left to-day, she is returning to Germany. The timing, just before Brexit, is no coincidence. It isn't the only reason, but it is an enormous final straw.

I've known about this situation for some time, but that doesn't make it any easier.

I'll be back on my feet, to-morrow. Life goes on.


It won't change anything I write about on the Fediverse, with one HUGE exception. When my ex-girlfriend left, she took Neachdainn, "our" dog.

Neachdainn was always much more my dog. He only did what I asked him. I was the only one who was allowed to give him a bath. When watching the he always snuggled up next to me.

No matter, I wasn't the one who bought him.

Neachdainn, I'm missing you already.

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Other than losing my life partner, and my best friend, it has been the mundane things that have really hit me. I've got all these herbs & spices, and nothing to put them in. I don't have kitchen scissors any longer. Where have all the towels gone?

I have to stop thinking and writing "we", and start using "I".

I don't remember what it is like being single.

I really wish one of the things my ex took was this 'fridge magnet.

@fitheach No! NO, NO, NO! That is not fair. How could she take him away from home? He belongs in the Highlands.
I feel so sorry for you and him. Poor Neachdainn 😔

@fitheach That is so sad. Was this very sudden?
If only she'd left you Neachdainn! I really feel for you.

@fitheach Sorry to hear that. Life sometimes takes unexpected twists.

I guess that with B-day happening real soon that situation might be occurring a lot. Either return to the EU or remain in the UK with uncertain status.

Me, I hate the whole thing. Completely despise the politicians. Every last man jack of em. To me Brexit was a clash between trolls over who gets to extract the bridge-crossing toll. Choose troll A or troll B. Not much of a decision, really. Can't we just tell both of them to foxtrot?

It might be that the worst is yet to come, and if it is then I hope Bojo and his grizzly circus of goons feels the heat. There could be quite a backlash if things really go avocado shaped.

Sorry to hear that. I don't know what to say.

@fitheach So sorry to hear of your troubles. Words of advice and encouragement are mostly unhelpful, so I won’t send platitudes, but I send my best wishes.

@fitheach horribly frustrating. i really feel for you.
those walks of yours, don't give up on them, at least. you still have feet, as you say. :)

Not sure what to say. There is a peculiar bond between person and animal that leaves a very strange hole when they depart. It's always been that they have passed on, not taken away. So that must be difficult. I just hope he has a good adventure at least.

@fitheach Ah I'm truly sorry to hear that - 23 years is a long, long time. Such a shame you couldn't have kept the dog to help you through a difficult time. :-(

@fitheach oh, that's sad :( I guess we'll miss him together then :(

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