Lies, damned lies and supermarket ready-to-eat fruit.

I didn't buy them. Bitter (sic) experience has informed me that they are never "perfectly ripe", nor "sweet and juicy". Not confined to Lidl, true of all supermarkets.

Sadly, all the fruit in store was wrapped in copious amounts of plastic, like these plums. Another reason not to buy them.

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@fitheach I try to avoid buying seasonal fruit from the other side of the world. Ready-to-eat plums when they're in season in Europe? Yes! In February? Uhhhh ...

Mangos from India and litchi from Réunion are the best we can get for those fruits, so what can you do...

I am in two minds about eating stuff from half-way around the world. Sure, there is the transportation to be considered. However, it also provides a market for farmers from third world countries. I don't eat plums (even if they were "sweet & juicy"). I do consume avocados and coffee (not necessarily together), neither of which can grow here. TBH I don't know what the transport implications are for these two items. I have seen discussions about electric ships, but mass use is some way off.

@fitheach @tfb
one week, whilst doing my foodcycle saving food from the bins. We arrived just too late and the bin men were tipping 4 wheelie bins worth of bananas into their lorry.

I dunno how many kg must have been grown, wrapped in plastic, flown halfway around the word, to be chucked in the ground.

Best thing you can do with bananas.

Presumably, the supermarkets consider the cost of not having bananas (or many other food items) on the shelf to be higher than chucking out one quarter of them.


@fitheach @tfb we had better luck this morning. 10-15kg each of tomatoes, carrots, sweet potato, and leeks. And about 15 loaves of bread. All best before 3rd or 4th. Was all getting chucked.

Were they "Best Before End" (BBE) or "Sell by"? I should think tomatoes would be the former, wheras bread probably the latter.


@fitheach @tfb
yeah, we mostly only take best before and leave use by. Make the exception for breads and cakes. We don't take meat.

@fitheach That's a good point about providing a market for farmers elsewhere in the world. That makes me feel better about buying rice from Thailand.

Perishable stuff that has a growing season in Europe or N Africa seems crazy to buy from across the world, both for resources and if it's a fruit it was surely picked unripe. Unless it was flown, and then you hope the fruit was worth it (oh those Indian mangos again!). Coffee, tea, spices, obviously you can't get regionally.

> about buying rice from Thailand
I'm surprised you don't have a Paddy field.😉

The very few types of fruit I eat are all non-Scottish, so I don't feel bad about that. I notice that it is increasingly the case that veg like French beans are imported from Morocco or Nigeria, especially in winter.

Doesn't apply to citrus fruit, really. On the other hand my experience of plums, nectarines, apricots, etc is that they are never ripe, and never ripen. The supermarkets transport them while they are unripe to minimise spoilage due to getting bashed.

@fitheach show me a foto of your usual supermarket produce area and I will take one of mine for comparison. I'm intrigued by this.

I'm not due to go shopping again until next week, at the earliest. I'll make a note to do so.

@fitheach Yeah. Whenever. I'll have to remind myself too.

I've put it on my shopping list. Is that what you meant, too?

@fitheach It would be a bit too meta to screenshot my joplin todo list named ToDo, but just take it as read that their is one :-)

@fitheach I keep thinking of the mikado. It's hard to find a non-parody!
Did not one include a female novelist?
I've got them on my list - I'm sure they'd not be MISSed.
Dah dah dah dah dah dah dahnt dan... I used to know some lyrics, but now they're sadly missed...

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