Calling all independence supporters & Yessers.

It would super to have a (dedicated?) PeerTube instance/account for hosting related videos for the Fediverse. That way, I could link to videos without using Google services.


Asking this question in a different way.

Recommendations please for a PeerTube instance with good availability, good performance and open registration.

Any other comments about PeerTube welcomed.

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I am delighted to announce my new PeerTube channel for Yes & Scottish independence related video content.

Please feel free to suggest any content for the channel. Videos must be related to the cause of Scottish independence, and have a suitable free licence. When making suggestions please provide the URL for the existing video, and which licence the content is under.

Ooh, that's a shame!
I've only uploaded four videos, and I've already used 2GB out of my max of 5GB. I'll need to re-think the strategy.

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The Nation Series doesn't have a playlist. Any ideas how to identify them?

@fitheach I'll find links, I downloaded them previously but might be easiest to import directly from yt

Thanks. I'll get on to it.
Do you have any means of contacting Phantom Power. Their videos are CC licenced, but as a matter of courtesy I'd like to drop them a line.

@fitheach I'm having problems subscribing from (two different) Mastodon instances. It's entirely possible the problem is at my end! But let me know if anyone else is having trouble.

I didn't even realise you *could* follow from a Mastodon account. I'll try it myself, and see what happens.

I entered
@ fitheach @ mstdn .io
(spaces added intentionally so it isn't recognised here)
and the remote subscribe button remained inactive.
I changed it to [email protected] and the button became active, but will that work?

@fitheach When I subscribed to I used my Mastodon account in 'email format' - [email protected] - and it worked.

@fitheach To be fair I'd not ever tried to subscribe to Peertube, so just tried a random stream on and it worked as expected...

@rodti @fitheach I've tried following too from my pleroma account and not sure that it's working - status at my end is 'awaiting approval'

I received notification that you had subscribed.


@fitheach @jk Not on my Mastodon follow list so it's not connected.

@rodti @jk
I can see JK following in my PeerTube notifications. Nothing for rodti, or for myself

JK - how did you enter your handle?

@fitheach @jk I've just managed to subscribe to too. I think there might be something up with's configuration? Tried subscribing to the video you've just posted and that fails too.


It seems the request is potentially hitting the peertube server but not successfully completing

I've tried by using the channel url via glitch frontend (mastodon-like) and by the remote follow button on the peertube page.. neither are completing for me


@fitheach @jk I got in touch with the admin of that Peertube instance. They've restarted the instance and it's working now 🙂

@rodti @fitheach nice one! it turns out there is a known issue between peertube and pleroma so will still be broken for me for some time to come.

@jk @fitheach Bah! Well half the problem's solved at least.

I got an email notification that @rodti had subscribed. Interactivity between Fediverse instances seems to mostly just work, between platforms perhaps has a bit to go yet.

@fitheach I only saw 3 videos.
You could host your own peertube?
I haven't looked into installing it.
I know you know that. It's for the benefit of others who may not. 4€/mo is doable for most ppl.

@fitheach 14h00 here and I'm off for a walk, but I will check it out when I get back home.

@fitheach Watched them. Really liked the second one especially.
I didn't quite finish the 3rd one, because I was getting a bit wound up and I'm not even scottish!

All of the Phantom Power videos are well done. Made to a high standard, even though they have miniscule budgets.

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