To-day Iain Banks would've been celebrating his 66th birthday. Sadly, he was lost to us in 2013.

I only met Iain once, and it was a very short encounter. Bizarrely, it was in the tinned fruit & veg aisle of a supermarket in Fort William. As both of us were just making some quick purchases before rushing off elsewhere, I didn't have time to tell him why he was actually one of my friends. Not long afterwards he announced he had terminal cancer.



Long after it was fashionable I still used a Time/System paper-based organiser. One of the things I did was enter all of my secret banking info in the address book section under the name "Iain Banks". Cunningly disguised, eh?

Once when I was attending an all-day training course, I left my organiser open on my desk at the "Iain Banks" page. When I returned in the late afternoon several excited people asked me if it was *the* Iain Banks that I knew. Worried about my secrets I said yes.


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For years after this incident people still remembered that I was friends with Iain Banks. Whenever the subject came up I would launch into my story starting with "actually...".

I'm just sad that I wasn't able to tell the great man himself during our brief meeting. I'm certain the story would've appealed to his sense of humour.

Luckily, no one ever broke into my bank accounts. So, my little subterfuge worked. 😃

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@fitheach I really love his books - especially the Culture ones - so sad there will be no more. (Also like bluefish!)

I've never made up my mind if I prefer his fiction or science-fiction books. I like both. The Wasp Factory remains one of my favourites, as it was the first one I read. Complicity is really good, too. I also like the Culture books.

@fitheach I enjoyed the Wasp Factory, too. Have a few more queued up.

I'd also recommend The Crow Road. There was also an excellent BBC TV production of TCR.

@fitheach Thanks - I'll look for that one. First the book then the videos.

@fitheach Paper planners seem to be making a come-back. If you'd stuck with it you might have been the height of fashion 😀

I liked the Time/System, but that was partly because the software solutions at the time were rather poor. It was the PalmPilot that got me to move to electronic organisation. In many ways the Palm software has never been bettered.

If you stick with anything long enough it will come back into fashion. Especially true for clothes.

@fitheach I still don't find digital planning / organisational tools particularly useful - perhaps with the exception of a calendar.

Too many distractions for me.

I've never come across a perfect PIM tool, they all have their quirks. I don't try to do anything complex with these tools. Event alarms, calendar, addresses, and a todo list is all I need

The big plus point for me is the ability to sync between apps and devices. I've been a Horde user for many years, it works well for me.

08h16 here...
My first out loud guffaw of the day. Thanks bud! :-)

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