I came across this of the West End of Edinburgh from 1977. The technique doesn't have much interest, but some of the subjects are fascinating. I like the taxis waiting for residents coming out from the Caledonian Hotel (very posh). A branch of John Menzies when they still had shops. Across the road (Princes Street) is Fraser's department store, and below the wee clock is a very famous place that all Edinburghers know about: Fraser's Corner.



As well as being a magnificent building, Fraser's department store, and Fraser's Corner in particular, has a special purpose. For generations it has been the neutral ground meeting place for couples on a night out. It is the ideal central place from which you can strike out to innumerable pubs and restaurants. The canopies over the doorway & shop windows even provide shelter when it is raining.

Next time you pass Fraser's Corner, look out for single people checking their watches.

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Interesting website. I note that the building became Fraser's in 1976, my original photo was from 1977.

I also noted this sentence:
...used to be a popular meeting place for an evening out - as in: "Meet me under the clock at Binns"

So, even though the owners changed through the decades the tradition continued. My old law lecturer used to tell a joke about Binns. For another time...

"Long live their majesties." Aye, right!

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