I bought the doormat at Lidl, this morning. It is the first time I've bought anything from the two "junk" aisles that Lidl has in the centre of the supermarket. The doormat design caught my eye when I was selecting eggs in the adjoining food aisle.

The mat cost £4.99. Which was the same price as the bottles of Australian Shiraz that I couldn't buy. :blobsad:

I've got some "unpublished" photos and videos of Neachdainn, which I took just before he left. I hadn't dealt with them partly because I've been busy, and partly because every time I looked at them I got something in my eye. I'll do them soon.

@fitheach I SO understand you. Will you be sharing some of them on here?

Yes. That is what I was meaning about unpublished. They aren't appearing in National Geographic. 😉

@fitheach Oops. Here I was thinking that this was National Geographic. What have I been reading on here?!

If this is National Geographic their standards are slipping. 😃

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