Leanach Cottage,
on the site of Culloden Battlefield,
near Inverness.

The cottage was built in 1760, 14 years after the battle. A previous cottage existed at the same location, and was probably used as a rudimentary field hospital during the military engagement.

Credit: Jill Clardy

@fitheach did a pub quiz a few weeks ago and were jokingly preparing by asking random questions and 1760 became the theme after asking how many yards in a mile. So now I have the pointless knowledge of that, along with it being the year George II died and British troops captured Montreal in the seven years war.

You missed this crucial event:

"Belgian entertainer Joseph Mervin is said to have given the first demonstration of roller skates, in a performance at the Carlisle House in London, but the stunt ends in disaster."

How bad was it, to be considered a "disaster"?

Footage would be very appropriate for a roller skating disaster.

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