I went for a walk along the Caledonian Canal this afternoon. It was lovely, but I still couldn't escape from warnings about the corona virus. The note in the attached photo was pinned to one of the canal buildings.

A large share of the economy of the Highlands is dependent on tourism. The CV19 outbreak will devastate the season this year.

Although I have seen an increase in the number of campervans for this time of year. The "exodus" has begun.

@fitheach the forest here at the edge of Munich is full of people, almost as crowded as downtown these days. People need an escape hatch, can't stay locked up for so long.

Friends from Zagreb say it's similar around there as well.

Yes, I can understand that feeling.

The people in the campervans probably feel they can self-isolate, stay away from the city crowds, and yet still be on "holiday".

We're bookend into a self catering cottage next week on Skye. That's not happening now even though we could get there and back on one tank of fuel, we could take all the supplies we need and not have any contact with another human.

Nicola Sturgeon said today that self catering holiday places were to close. We had been thinking about cancelling anyway.

I was out, I didn't hear that announcement. That will be devastating for some holiday operators. I walked past a few chalets to-day, which clearly had residents. Perhaps those already in-situ are allowed to finish their holidays.

Probably. Cal Mac have been told to take only residents and essential supplies to the islands.

Aye, I saw Angus MacNeil pleading with people not to go to Barra, and the other islands. Now it is official!

We were having a family holiday, first for years, and we wouldn't all fit in the van.

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