They're out
(well, some of them).

(Wild) Daffodil - lus an Aisig - Narcissus pseudonarcissus

I went out for an early morning walk, when it was still a chilly 3°C. It was also a bit overcast, and it even rained a little. It is much sunnier now, and a blistering 7°C.

Mankind may be sheltering indoors, but nature continues apace. The birds were singing, things were rustling in the leaves, and a dozen Sika deer ran across the hill in front of me. I found the experience soothing.

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@fitheach Me too. That's why, lately, I've been out and about that much. It brings things into perspective.

I like the seasons. Every week new things happen, but also the same things happened this time last year, and the year before that, and...

This week I'm particularly noticing the raven gangs during the day, and the tawny owls hooting at night.

@fitheach No owls and ravens here, but plenty of blackbirds and sparrows. Plus light green leaves and flowers in bloom. I love spring. It reminds me that life comes and goes. The course of nature.

Still not very much colour here, not many flowers in bloom (except the aforementioned daffs), and no deciduous leaves yet. However, I can feel the change coming.

@fitheach It's amazing how fast Nature reclaims its feuds... Even in totally urban areas: birds are singing more joyfully than ever around the block complex I'm confined at! And without gardening, plants are growing wild and green!


Jack, do you never sleep,
does the green still run deep in your heart?
Or will these changing times,
motorways, powerlines,
keep us apart?
Well, I don't think so,
I saw some grass growing through the pavements to-day.

Jack in the Green
Jethro Tull

@fitheach Just noticed Four of these Daffodils in front yard, sprouted from Bulbs that I planted 2 years ago; they had Wilted and apparently died, last spring, but now the Bulbs have re-sprouted. The daffodils were surrounded by orange Iris which have not surfaced yet this year -- I thought the roots of the Iris had somehow destroyed the daffodils, since they wilted so quickly, despite having been planted the previous Autumn.

Daffodils are amazingly resilient, as are most bulb plants. I've got dozens of them in the front garden. I've never done anything for them, and yet the keep coming back every year. This year will be one of the best displays. I often find that just as they flower we get torrential rain that flattens them. Not this year, so far.

I was once told that you shouldn't cut the daffodil stems until they have gone brown. This allows the bulb to recover all the nutrients from the stems.

We've had a few sunny days this week, I wonder if that encouraged the daffs to come out. They were still tightly closed at the start of the week.

@fitheach Probably. I am in the gloomy, soggy weeks as winter become spring. It can't seem to decide from day to day and night to night.

@fitheach Yes, just no chances of flurries (likely falling slush at best).

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