Everyone will be familiar with the modern term Geek, meaning an expert in a technical field, and possibly a person with limited social skills.

However, did you know it was an archaic term used in carnivals to mean a performer of grotesque acts? How that transferred to the modern usage is uncertain.

Going even further back, Geek came from the English Geck meaning a fool, and in turn from the Germanic Geck meaning to croak or cackle.

Still want to self-identify as a geek?

I don't think "limited social skills" is you.

@fitheach But that's a 'Nerd' 😊
Geeks like stuff like roleplaying, fan conventions etc. So being with others is fine, but only when it comes to one of their (many) special interests.
Nerds are the ones to prefer 'proper social distancing'.
Let her explain it for me: m.youtube.com/watch?v=wcjy4WHi

The whole existence of geeks/nerds was to prepare for this moment in time when social isolation became the thing.

@fitheach @Bella to chime in on the "social isolation" thing. I was thinking these days about it, quite a few chances. I go to my yard - many people around our house, everybody talking, being loud, prepping gardens for summer. Go to parks/nearby forests. Full of people. That's not isolation, not distancing. I worked with a swedish guy a few years ago. His house was ~100km from Stockholm, on a hill, no (decent) internet, nearest neighbour on the next hill over. THAT is isolation.What we have is inconvenient.

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