@fitheach Down here north of Manchester, it's noticeably less busy - but there's still traffic; on Friday I walked up over a bridge over the M60 and it still seemed pretty busy. The main 135 bus still seems to be running regularly but it's odd seeing it go along empty or 2-3 people on.

Considering the requirement for social distancing, public transport in the form of busses or trains would seem to be the worst possible idea. No wonder they are quiet.

@fitheach Indeed, I guess there's still people who have to get to useful places of work.


Of course. If it was me I'd be getting out my bike, but I realise that isn't possible for everyone.

@fitheach Yeh, I've never been a bike person, although a recumbent trike would seem attractive at the moment.

They've never appealed to me. Do you think they would be more comfy?

@fitheach I've just had absolutely no sense of balance.

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