A few weeks ago it became clear that the gyms would all close, so I got organized and bought a bar and some plate weights. Now I can work out on the porch while ravens laugh at me. I like this.

When the gyms re-open, I wonder how they'll do. Will business resume as before, or will all the people who figured out how to work out at home just give up on going to the gym?

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Isn't there a social aspect of going to a shared gym? People will miss that, even if they have all the equipment at home.

@fitheach I do miss the social aspect of going to the gym. But do I miss it to the tune of hundreds of dollars a year? That will be the question.

Well, you could go to the pub instead. Probably no more expensive. 😃 Gym at home, then social at the pub.

At least you have them. There are no pubs in this state. At least X% (>50%) of a place's income has to be from food to have an alcohol license unless they're a brewery or winery.

They did loosen the requirements due to the virus so that people can pick up alcohol from restaurants instead of having to only consume it on the premises
@fitheach @skiring

Oh, I wouldn't have guessed. Sounds a bit puritanical. Some people just never got over the repeal of Prohibition. 😃

@gemlog @skiring

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