@fitheach Please, if possible, do so. The two of you could have so much fun and I would love to see you out and about with a dog again.

I wish I could, I really do. I've been thinking about it a lot. Weekends wouldn't be a problem. In fact, they would be brilliant. However, weekdays would be a problem. I am out most of the day from Monday to Friday. I have considered building an outdoor enclosure for any potential dog to run around in. I'm not sure that would be fair on the dog. Dogs are social animals.

@fitheach And you couldn't take him to work with you? Or work from home a couple of days a week?

No. Not possible, I think.

The only reason I'm considering the possibility is that any dog needing re-homed will likely be in kennels 24x7. So, anything would be an improvement. My proposed enclosure would be, at least, one acre in size. It would be a reasonable run-around area.

I don't know...

@fitheach The kennel may not be perfect (although it sounds large which is good), but in the evenings and on weekends he would have you. There would be a human who would love him, take care of him and be there for him. Could you talk to the shelter to find out whether your home could be good for him? They know him best and want what's best for him (I hope), so maybe they could help you in making a decisions.

That kind of fits with my thinking. The situation is complicated because the centres are closed due to the coronavirus. Gives me time to start constructing. 😃

@fitheach Wouldn't two dogs be perfect? They wouldn't be lonely when you're away. @Bella

@Nasenspray But this specific dog has to be an 'only child'. @fitheach

Stop it! 😃
That might work, but would be a minimum of double the work for me. For many of the dogs, including Prince, the rescue homes state: "I'm not able to live with other dogs".


I enjoy watching my masto friends being teased by my other international penpals!

@Nasenspray @Bella

I was meaning "stop it", don't tempt me. I'd love to have two doggies, but one would be as much as I could handle at the moment. Even having one dog has its challenges.

@Nasenspray @Bella

Aber Anya ist 'puckish', man muss in ihrer Nähe vorsichtig sein!
(that took my pal deepL and I several attempts!)
I think today would be a good day to change my interface language to german and, at least get on with things a little bit. I am so helpless it's not funny.
@Nasenspray @Bella

@fitheach @Bella

I think this does not apply for every dog.

E.g. my dog has a lot of problems with his joints and does not need (and shouldn’t do) long walks. Also he sleeps the most time of the day.
When I got him I set up a camera to look how he behaves when I’m at work and watched him for 2 weeks. And he was just sleeping and didn’t care that I wasn’t at home for a few hours.

@fitheach @Bella But now he’s just alone for a few hours and not the most time of the day except the times where I would visit the shelter to take him for a walk.

Maybe the shelter is also willing to help you test if all goes well for both of you for a week or two?

@fitheach @Bella An other option is to maybe look for someone who has experience with dogs and can take him for a walk while you’re at work.
In my region there are a lot of students who can’t afford a dog but and are helping in the shelter or look after dogs from people who are at work.

Maybe there also people who are caring for this dog while he’s in the shelter and would help you so that he could get his forever home.

That is a good idea, thanks. There are a few people locally who provide a dog-walking service. That combined with an outside enclosure might be sufficient stimulation for the weekdays.


@fitheach This gets better by the minute 😊 Many great ideas, @R!

@fitheach I wish both of you all the best of luck! 🖤 :)


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