The weather forecast indicated fine, sunny conditions, but only for a few hours in the morning. I was out of the door by 0600. I was really glad I did, as it was gorgeous.

The photo shows a large Rowan tree in the foreground.

Rowan - Caorann - Sorbus aucuparia

Rowans are always one of the last to come out in leaf. On this particular tree the leaves haven't completely unfurled, yet.

We have two rowan trees. The one in the back garden is looking good but the one at the front has been decimated by the sparrows pulling the leaves off.

Funny that the sparrows have only discovered the tree at the front.

We don't have any sparrows, just the occasional visitor.

Rowans were traditionally planted next to houses in Scotland. They were considered to be lucky, and able to protect the house against evil spirits.

We have just as many sparrows at the back, they use the tree as a platform to reach the bird feeder.

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