@fitheach Very nice picture! Are you looking forward to the tourists?

Started already. Roads are busier, particularly noticeable are all the motorcyclists and camper vans. Clearly they aren't locals.

Yes, and no. 😃
Lots of locals depend on tourism to make a living, me included in the past. However, some areas get too many visitors. That situation isn't sustainable.

In addition, this year, we need to consider the covid19 problem. The Lockdown restrictions are being lifted too early. So far, the Highlands have only been lightly affected. Population sparsity is a benefit in this situation, but large numbers of visitors could easily counteract that advantage.

I saw a photo of this bridge, from another angle, and used it in my profile header here.

So you do. 😃
It is amazing how a different angle or different lens can change a photo.

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