I saw this flower as I was walking along the pavement. It was so pretty, and delicate looking. I am certain it is an escapee from a garden, and not a wildflower. If you know what it is, please tell me.

I always enjoy seeing nature encroaching into mankind's concrete jungle.

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@fitheach hmm, looks like some sort of bell flower (Campanula) to me?

@fitheach @daniel_bohrer Probably Campanula persicifolia to be exact.

Hard to say for sure though, what with there being over 500 species. If you're not in its natural habitat, it may well be a cultural plant, i.e. has spread along with humans.

Not sure that is exactly the flower I photographed, but certainly close.

Of course, I now realise I photographed a close relative, just over a week ago, the Scottish Bluebell:


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