A private garden with a wee, un-identified building. Beside the canal, near the village of An Crìonan.

I would have fancied moving the two wheelie-bins before taking the photograph, but, as you can probably tell, I was on the other side of the canal. 😃

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All I want is a cute cottage beside the canal, and a classic Mercedes-Benz convertible sports car.

It's not much to ask for, is it?

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I had to include the canal gate mechanism in the photo. Not only is the mechanism aesthetically pleasing (the stonework is beautiful) it is also amazingly effective.

Closing the gate could be difficult because the pressure of water is pushing it open again. However, the bar dragging across the stonework has built-in lock stops. Simple, beautiful, and effective.

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@fitheach I wouldn't move it. I am lazy and the bins are part of the scene!

Well, at least the bins weren't bright blue, that would have been too much.

@fitheach Now I want to see them in bright orange or yellow. 😅

Did you try a different composition? In portrait orientation maybe?

I have seen both yellow and orange wheelie-bins.

I did look at some different compositions, but they didn't work so well. The one I posted with the rule of thirds x2, worked best.

@fitheach I can kind of "see" this place in 6x6 medium format, in golden hour light. With more of the canal maybe. Because water bodies are appealing to my eyes.

I fancy that little building. It could be perfect for an artist or writer. I love those stone walls, and those steps, and those trees in the back, and water in the front. I think those bins and the road make things more real.

Someone should sketch this scene in watercolor. 🙂

I love canals. They are a means of transport that can move at a slow pace. They seem more at tune with nature. Roads, and even railways, are the antithesis of nature.

I feel sure that wee building has some connection with the canal, but I can't think what it could be.

@fitheach You may like this 'wayside chapel' in Usk, BC (yes, we have an 'Usk' too).
Kind of an interesting tiny community. Has a reaction ferry by the min. of hwys
It's about a half hour down the road from me. I nearly bought a house on the north side (away from the hwy) once a long time ago.

It is certainly a cute wee building. The photo of the church in the midst of the flood puts me in mind of this post:

@fitheach Good one!
In fact, there is a tight canyon just downstream of Usk, BC and in the 1930's it clogged with ice.
There is a foto somewhere of a dislodged cabin floating downstream on the Skeena River past Terrace with smoke still coming out of its chimney stack! I doubt it made it to Prince Rupert and the coast, but we know it got this far.

@fitheach No. This was the '30's. Log cabin.
edit: frame house

I know, it was a joke. A home on the move, a mobile home.

I'll get my coat.

Yeah, I like buildings that have a human scale.

@fitheach these little British houses are so different from German houses. But small and cosy inside

The raised stones also provide extra grip for the lock keeper's feet when closing the gate.

@fitheach When do you ever move a lock gate against pressure of water (other than the immediate drag stopping it moving either way, of course - not pushing it open or closed as such)?

Sure, there'll be a bit of leakage through the other gate but that's usually not much, I think.

The gates leak, they aren't totally watertight. There is always a flow of water within the system.

Natural stone or whitewashed?
Is silver OK for you?

@fitheach Natural stone. And don't care about the colour, will sell it for a bike anyways.

@fitheach ohh yes, that would definitely be an option too!

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