To-day's walk was in Gleann Ruaidh*. It is another gorgeous day, with bright blue skies and blazing sunshine. We did have heavy rain earlier in the week, so the flora still looks verdant.

* It means the red glen, but the glen takes its name from the river, which does have a red tone. More about that later.

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I started the walk at 0700 when it was cooler, but was already at 19°C. However, there was a stiff breeze, so I started the walk wearing a lightweight fleece.

Starting a walk early has the advantage that I miss the majority of tourists. Lockdown has only recently relaxed, and yet the number of visitors has already got back the levels of previous years.

The glen has been a popular destination ever since Charles Darwin, a keen geologist, visited in 1838.

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Nope, I've no idea.

A relay, perhaps? For whom, and for what, I haven't got an inkling.

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This is the Uisge Ruaidh (Red River). The glen, bridge and village all get their names from this river. The male name Roy is also an anglicisation of the Gaelic word ruadh, meaning red. Rob Roy was, apparently, a red head.

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I'll end by posting an obligatory photo of the "Parallel Roads". They aren't roads, nor were they made by Fingal. They are markings made by the shores of ice-age lochs (around 10,000 years ago). How they were made is fascinating, but personally I consider them ugly.

My apologies for having more lens flare than a JJ Abrams movie.

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Yes, hard to miss. More on them later, too.

@fitheach Now that is intriguing! Whence the power? Someone must come and service it. No stickers on the door? No signage at all? Just 2 omnis in the middle of nowhere.
Maybe it's talking to itself? :-)

@fitheach If they were manmade then ugly is reasonable; I don't think we can consider nature as ugly except in the most extreme cases!

I mostly agree, nature usually produces beautiful things. However, sometimes the aesthetics go wrong. For example, just about any deep-sea fish. Granted, they don't often get seen but nonetheless...

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