I was very lucky this morning with the weather. It was quite cool (about 5°C), but blue skies and wind still. Perfect conditions for reflections. The change from summer like weather to an autumnal feel has been very rapid.

I was out fairly early when it is still quiet. There were only a few other outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers.

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I met one guy from London. He was walking the Great Glen Way, which uses the Caledonian Canal path for part of the route. He was thoroughly enjoying the walk, and he also was appreciative of the weather. Cool, but dry, is probably ideal for backpacking. I didn't have the heart to tell him that to-morrow's weather forecast is for torrential rain. :blobsad:

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The chalet is in a perfect position, overlooking the canal, and looking towards the mountains beyond. Quite some view to wake up to. Next time I'll go across to the other side of the canal, and photograph the view.

@fitheach Not quite yet here. It's 4am and still 15C.
It's been very damp all of july and august. We skipped summer this year.

Late July and August weren't great for weather here either, but April, May & June were fantastic. As far as the weather goes, I have no complaints about 2020 (so far).

2020 in almost all other respects has been a terrible year. I'm not meaning that from a personal perspective. So many global catastrophes.

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