Of mice and men...

I had planned to go to Gleann Afraig, but when I returned home I discovered the Aga range cooker was smoking. It was time for a service, and I decided to clean the chimney, too. So, no time for a long walk.

It was such a beautiful day that I did manage a short walk in the glen behind my house. It was such a relief to get outside.

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I always like to stop for a while at this point of the walk, so I can watch the river go by, and listen to the noise of the water. I find the noise of the river to be even more soothing than the waves of the ocean.

Now you too can listen to the noise of the river. Do you also like the river noise?

Hey, I thought cats weren't keen on water. 😃

Yeah, your thinking of my domesticated Brothers and Sisters.

@fitheach Is that this actual device or a cultural term?
When I was little there was no hot water until the fire was going. Coal.
These days many train loads of poor coal transit through my town, but I never smell it burning. It all goes to china via prince rupert.
I once thought to obtain some, but it burns too hot for our wood heaters and would warp them in no time.

No, it is an actual device. There are many companies (brands) making range cookers, mine just happens to be an Aga. It is oil-fired (kerosene) and it is on 24/7. Lots of advantages to a range cooker. Some of the advantages: permanent hot water, lovely background warmth in the kitchen, and slow cooking. I love my Aga.

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