The Siberian puppy photo came from a pets-for-sale website. I was astounded at the current prices for buying dogs, both puppies and adults.

was bought for £400. The current starting price for any dog breed is £2,500. More exotic breeds command prices several times more than that.

Has Lockdown increased dog purchase prices?

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@fitheach indeed it has; another thing I saw (during the harsher lockdown earlier in the year) was doggos being passed around multiple people so they had an excuse to walk and be outside of the house (even vets were worried that some could be over-exerted this way, there's also a risk to the animals from Covid)

Dogs performing a people walking service, that turns the norm on it's head.

That fits with what I saw during the early stages of Lockdown: the only people out were walking dogs.

I'm certain I saw a headline about a cat dying from . However, I didn't check the validity of the story.

@fitheach I saw a report that a cat and owner in Belgium had caught it but both recovered, and reports that both cats and dogs form antibodies very quickly..

I've seen fewer cats around than before, but I suspect this is because households have more humans staying at home and the cats aren't being locked out of houses whilst people go to work..

That was maybe the same report I saw.

I find it worrying when diseases cross the species barrier.

@fitheach yep lockdown caused dog prices to leap up. Folks buying puppies as they’d be home all the time so could train them and have company etc. Another one was chickens; a charity near me that rehomes battery hens had to stop taking enquiries when usually they’re begging people to take hens.

I just hope the surge in demand for puppies isn't going to be followed by a similar increase in dogs being abandoned.

@fitheach @Luke can confirm that do shelters here were receiving over 400 applications for every dog and most popular breeds went from circa £800 up to £3,000.

And yes, unfortunately inevitable that abandonments will be through the roof before to long.

There's already a good few for sale that are roughly 5 months old: "Lovely caring dog but I just don't have time for them".

But the prices are still high, as the owners attempt to make their money back.

@basil @Luke
400 applications per dog is incredible. At these current prices a large litter is worth serious amounts of money. Commercial puppy breeding was bad enough before, but now we are in drug dealing territory.

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